Lascal BuggyBoard Connector Kit



Install a connector kit on each of the prams you use to easily swap your BuggyBoard between them. Compatible with BuggyBoard Maxi, Mini, and Maxi+.


If you have more than one pram or stroller, why not use your BuggyBoard with all of them?

The BuggyBoard Universal Connector Kit by Lascal is a set of connectors for use with the BuggyBoard Maxi, Mini, or Maxi+ making it easy for families with multiple strollers to swap the BuggyBoard between them. Install a set of connectors on each of the prams/strollers you use, and you are ready to go.

Whether the tubing on the stroller’s frame is square, rectangular, round or oval, our connectors will fit, making your BuggyBoard compatible with most strollers in minutes, no tools required. Remove the board from the stroller by pushing the release buttons on the connectors; disconnect the board, and you are ready to fold the stroller and put it away. Once installed, the connectors stay with the stroller. When you’re ready to use your board again, simply click your BuggyBoard into the connectors attached to the stroller you plan to use and go.

  • Extra Connectors to Attach Your BuggyBoard to Multiple Strollers
  • Installs in Minutes, No Tools Required
  • Easy to Connect & Disconnect Your BuggyBoard to the Stroller
  • Connectors Stay on The Strollers, Just Click and Go
  • Compatible with BuggyBoard Maxi, Mini, and Maxi+

Note:  When you buy a BuggyBoard Mini or Maxi+ the box includes one connector kit.  So you only need to buy an extra connector kit if you have more than  one pram/stroller.

Fitting Instructional Video:

Visit to see how you can fit your BuggyBoard to your specific model of stroller.

Download the BuggyBoard installation Instructions (PDF)